Have a few questions? We've got answers!

General Questions

What is a HOP PASS?

A HOP PASS is what we refer to as an all-day pass, that allows you to get on and off any of our shuttle buses throughout that day. HOP PASSES are only valid for the day you purchase them from. You will get a wrist band the day you ride the shuttle bus that will indicate you have purchased a HOP PASS, so you can get on and off the bus whenever you want, at whatever Breweries you want.

Are there other options to ride other than the All-day HOP PASS?

Yes! We offer one-way rides, which means you will be able to get on the bus just one time, and you can get off the bus at whatever stop you would like on the route.

How do I know what bus is yours?

Our buses are unmistakable. Bright Orange, hotel-shuttle-bus style, with our BREW RIDE logo all over them. Not to mention our drivers will be wearing nicely colored bright-orange Brew Ride drivers shirts with a smile. When in doubt, you can always ask the driver, “yo, is this the Brew Ride?”

How do I pay?

Buy in advance online or pay with exact cash day of as you enter on to the shuttle

Where can I pay?

You can buy your ticket at https://brewride.com/book-your-pass/ in advance online or pay with exact cash day of as you enter on to the shuttle.

What is it like?

It is like nothing you have experienced before. Our shuttle buses and drivers are fun and professional. You can get on and off our buses at your leisure, throughout the day, with our shuttle buses arriving at each of the six participating breweries about every 30 minutes.

Do you really have a plane?

Yep, that’s right. Are you seriously interested? Use the contact us form and we will schedule a time to meet with you to walk you through all the details.

Bus Questions

Can I drink on the Bus?

Beer & other alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed on the shuttle bus, however we will provide you with water, and you are welcome to drink other beverages. If you are so thirsty you just have to have a beer on the Brew Ride, we have two pieces of advice: 1) you might be too drunk already and might want to go home, or 2) pace-your-self…with our Brew Ride shuttle bus you can get on and off at your leisure, all day long, for one low price…no need to rush a few brews down your throat on the bus – we will get you to the next brewery in like 5 minutes, dude!

Where do I get on the bus?

You can get on the shuttle bus at any of the participating breweries. The shuttle bus will pull up, and wait a few minutes at each brewery to allow for people to get on and off. The load zone will be right outside the brewery – you can’t miss our fancy, bright-orange, shuttle bus as it pulls up!

Where do you stop?

The latest list of participating breweries can be found on our site: https://brewride.com/how-it-works/

Can you pick me up at a brewery not on the route?

Unfortunately, we are not able to deviate from our route. Just like a Metro Transit bus, we gotta stick to our schedule, yo! However, if you are at a brewery that doesn’t offer a Brew Ride stop, feel free to tell them they should contact us to add one!

Can I book a private bus?

Of course! Contact us and we will get all your needs met! We can work with you on all the logistics and details. We will make your dreams come true! For private tours, we will even pick you up!

Can the bus take me home?

Well….nope, we definitely cannot take you home. However, we have some sweet deals with Uber and of course have a list of taxis and services that can take you safely home. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE a safe and sober ride home after a day of riding the Brew Ride.

Can the bus pick me up at home?

Nope, again. Get yourself to one of the participating breweries, and we will take you from there. Hi-ho, my friend, hi-ho!

How many buses will be running?

We have a whole fleet of Brew Ride shuttle buses. The number of buses we operate at any given time will depend on the demand and number of riders. We will always do our best to ensure there are plenty of buses for everyone to get on and off the Brew Ride at their own leisure, when they want.

How do I know where the buses are?

Buses will arrive to each participating brewery about every 30 minutes or less. We are currently working on an app in which you can track where each of our buses is at, but for the time being…old-school my friend, old-school. Drink a brew & keep an eye out the window for us to show up!